Fez’in Trophy Listesi (PS4 & PS3 & Vita)

Fez’in kupa listesine aşağıdan bakabilirsiniz:

Sum total
Find ALL collectibles.  (4)
Get a cube
Find your very first cube shard.
Kill screen
Get to the end.
Collect all 32 Golden Cubes and 32 Anti-Cubes.
Haikus not epics
Find the Tome artifact.
Find the Skull artifact.
Mightier than the sword
Find the Writing Cube artifact.
A numbers game
Find the Counting Cube artifact.
Equal and opposite
Find an Anti-Cube.
Warp zone
Reactivate all 5 warp gates.
Break the code.
Trophy unlocked
R R L R R L L L  (1)

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