God Eater 2’nin Trophy Listesi (Vita)

God Eater 2’nin 8 tanesi gizli olmak üzere toplamda 23 adet olan kupa listesine aşağıdan bakabilirsiniz:

Acquire all Trophies
Chosen One
Pass the Compatibility Test
Maiden Victory
Win a battle against Aragami
Bewitching Butterfly
Defeat Yan-Zhi
Our Hollow Lady
Defeat Nyx-Alpha
Shaman of Frenzy
Defeat Kabbala-Kabbala
Dreadful Gladiator
Defeat Spartacus
Sole Honed Skill
Go on a battle with a mastered Blood-Art
Burst of Blood
Prey on an Aragami
Hand in Hand
Link-Aid a fellow
You have Control
Link-Burst a fellow
Leave it to Me
Get a Link-Burst from a fellow
Full-fledged Eater
Get SSS Rank in 10 Missions
Get SSS Rank in 20 Missions
Get SSS Rank in 50 Missions
Secret Trophies
Arise in Power of Blood
May his spirit rest in peace
Over the Griefs
Avenged Marduk, the killing of a dear fellow
Crossing Wills
Succeed in releasing the patients
The Final Predation is about to be launched
Tree of the Helix
Set off on a never-ending battle, his power of will aside
Rock the Cradle
That’s one small step for man
Unleashed from Abyss
Defeat Magatsu-Kyuubi

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