Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ın Achievement Listesi

25 Ekim’de Xbox 360, Wii ve 3DS için çıkış yapacak Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ın achievement listesi yayınlandı. Oyunun, Xbox 360 oyuncularına 1000 puan kazandıracak toplamda 36 adet olan achievement’lerinin listesine aşağıdan bakabilirsiniz:

Ooo, aren’t you talented?
Finished the first level.
Tanks for Nothin’! 10 
Defeated the Kraang Tank.
Filet o’ Fishface 15 
Defeated Fishface.
That’s a Big Mouser 15 
Beat the Mega Mouser!
Dexter Blockhead 20 
Defeated Baxter Stockman.
Raising Shell! 20 
Cleared out the Shellraiser.
Curbed the Dog 25 
Defeated Dogpound.
Squishy Brain Freaks 30 
Cleared out the Kraang Warehouse.
What Was THAT?! 35 
Defeated Justin the Supermutant!
Clearin’ the Cookies 35 
Cleared out the Fortune Cookie Factory!  (1)
Shredded! 40 
Defeated Shredder!
Half Full 20 
Found 50% of the Mutagen Canisters!
Mutagen Maestro 40 
Found 100% of the Mutagen Canisters!
On the Right Path 10 
Found your first Secret!
Sorta Master of Secrets 30 
Discovered 50% of the secrets!
Master of Secrets! 50 
Discovered 100% of the secrets!
Leo’s Sweet Moves 20 
All combo attacks purchased for Leo.
Awesome Sauce! 40 
Leo is upgraded to the max!
Don’s Got the Touch 20 
All combo attacks purchased for Donnie.
Turtley Cool! 40 
Donnie is upgraded to the max!
Raph’s a Beast! 20 
All combo attacks purchased for Raph.
Cowabunga! 40 
Raph is upgraded to the max!
Mikey’s Magic 20 
All combo attacks purchased for Mikey.
Booyakasha! 40 
Mikey is upgraded to the max!
Hero in a Half Shell! 10 
Reached wave 10 in Survival Mode!
Turtle Power! 50 
Beat wave 35 in Survival Mode!
Time for Pizza! 30 
Completed Environment 1 in Time Attack!
Stoppin’ the Clock! 30 
Completed Environment 2 in Time Attack!
Pride of Splinter! 30 
Completed Environment 3 in Time Attack!
Good Timing! 30 
Completed Environment 4 in Time Attack!
Perfect Timing! 30 
Completed Environment 5 in Time Attack!
In Your face! 30 
Threw 10 enemies at the screen.
Snag ‘Em and Bag ‘Em 30 
Trapped 10 enemies in containers!
Ninja Aim Yo! 30 
Destroyed 10 objects by thrown enemies!
Need Bigger Pockets 30 
Had 10,000 Energy Shards available to spend.
I Like Breakin’ Stuff 30 
Destroyed 100 objects.

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