One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2’nin Trophy Listesi

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2’nin 3 tanesi gizli olmak üzere toplamda 40 adet olan kupa listesine aşağıdan bakabilirsiniz:

Rise to the top!
All Trophies acquired!
A new adventure is beginning!
Cleared the first Episode.
My skills are all… evolving.
Performed your first Style Action.
Thanks! I owe you one!
Performed your first Crew Strike.
From here on out is the New World!
Cleared the Prologue.
Now it’s my turn!
Cleared the Second Chapter.
Getting back my captured allies!
Cleared the Third Chapter.
There’s only room for one Pirate King!
Cleared all Challenge Scenarios.
Join my crew!
Assembled 10 or more allies.
Let’s adventure together!
Assembled 30 or more allies.
You’re all my family…
Cleared all Crew Episodes.
Look at this big haul!
Acquired all Secret Coins in any single Main Episode.
All the treasure in the world is mine!
Acquired all Secret Coins.
I’m ready for my close-up.
Unlocked all movies in the gallery.
We… know everything…
Unlocked everything in the gallery.
I’ll only grow stronger.
Acquired your first skill.
My strength has grown!
Acquired 10 skills.
You can count on me!
Acquired 20 skills.
Alright! I got it!
Collected your first Coin.
There’s probably a lot more of these.
Collected 100 or more different Coins.
Wow! He’s amazing!
Collected 250 or more different Coins.
Bring on a thousand more!
Total number of defeated enemies exceeds 100,000.
This’ll buy a lot of meat!
Acquired a total of 100,000,000 Beli.
Big spender!
Spent a total of 100,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.
Business is good!
Spent a total of 10,000,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.
I think I’ll buy the world!
Spent a total of 100,000,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.
I’m getting fired up!
Defeated 500 enemies while in Style Action.
Like some sort of legendary monster!
Defeated a total of 10,000 or more enemies with Special Attacks.
What!? I missed!
Dodged a Style Action enemy’s attack.
Come with me!
Cleared 5 stages each with 5 different characters.
Possessing tremendous power!
Cleared 5 stages each with 10 different characters.
He already has so many wonderful allies.
Cleared 5 stages each with 20 different characters.
Got something rare.
Acquired your first Secret Coin.
It’s hiding a terrible power!
Acquired your first Skill Note.
I’m hungry for some meat!
Acquired 100 or more Giant Meat.
Unbelievable power…!
Stunned the enemy 1,000 times.
Luffy’s true allies…
Defeated 10,000 enemies with Crew Strike.
Secret Trophies
Victory is mine!
Obtained a Normal Ending.
The Pirate King is the freest person on the seas!
Obtained a True Ending.
People’s dreams never die!
Cleared all Episodes on the highest difficulty level.

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