Hitman: Absolution’ın Trophy Listesi Yayınlandı

IO Interactive,  Hitman: Absolution’ın trophy listesini yayınladı. 20 Kasım’da çıkış yapacak oyunun 47 adet Trophy’den oluşan kupa listesine aşağıdan bakabilirsiniz:

 Top of Your Game

Collect all trophies

 Grand Master
Complete 100 challenges

 Reach for the Stars
Complete 50 challenges

 The Russian Hare
47 precision headshots using a sniper rifle

 A Taste for the Game
Complete 10 challenges

 Heavy Burden
Assassinate Diana Burnwood

Assassinate the King of Chinatown

 Chamber of Secrets
Locate room 899

 Catch a Ride
Enter the train in the train station

Assassinate Wade’s men

 All Bark and no Bite
Assassinate Wade

 The Bartender Always Knows
Approach the bartender

 Signature Weapons
Acquire the Silverballers

 Like Stealing Candy From a Baby
Pacify Lenny the Limp

 Not Worth It
Leave Lenny in the desert

 Step Into the Light
Exit the mines

 A Heavy Blow
Assassinate facility leaders

 Faith Can Move Mountains
Defeat Sanchez with your bare hands

 The Killing Fields
Eliminate the Saints

Gain access to the jail

 Hour of Reckoning
Approach the church

 True Form
Acquire suit & gloves

 Destroying Something Beautiful
Assassinate Layla

 The Final Countdown
Assassinate Blake Dexter

 A Personal Contract
Assassinate Travis

Complete Hitman: Absolution on any professional difficulty

 Jack of All Trades
Collect all play styles

 It’s All in the Wrist
Achieve a lethal throw kill

 Information is Power
Collect all evidence

 Thumbs Up
Like a contract

 Damage Control
Contain a situation gone bad

 Set for Life
Earn 1 million contract dollars

Buy an upgrade

 First Contract
Complete the Create Contract Tutorial

 Blood Money
Complete the Play Contract Tutorial

 True Potential
Unlock a technique

 Partners in Crime
Play a contract created by a friend

 Competitive Spirit
Create a contract competition

Participate in a contract competition

 One With the Shadows
Escape attention from crimes

 Silent Assassin
Achieve the rating: Silent Assassin

Remain undetected in a whole checkpoint

Achieve your first accident kill

 One of the Guys
Blend in successfully

Execute a point shooting with 3 kills

 Under Wraps
Hide a body

Subdue a person

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