MGS: HD Collection’ın Achievement Listesi Yayınlandı!

3 Şubat’ta Xbox 360 ve PS3 için piyasalarda olacak Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection’ın achievement listesi yayınlandı.

Metal Gear Solid 2,Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence ve Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’ın HD sürümlerinin bulunduğu paketin achievement listesini aşağıda görebilirsiniz:

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection:          

Down in Smoke – 10

Disorient an enemy with a cloud of smoke from a fire extinguisher

Sexting – 10

Send Otacon a picture of the marine with no pants

I Think You Need a Hug, E – 10

Find Emma Emmerich

Don’t Taze Me, Bro – 10

Tranquilize 100 enemies

Nothing Personal – 10

Break the neck of 30 enemies

Rent Money – 10

Beat 30 enemies unconscious

Piece of Cake – 10

Complete a VR or Alternative mission

Johnny on the Spot – 10

Hear Johnny’s bowel noises in two locations

Kissing Booth – 10

Kiss a poster in a locker

Snake Beater – 10

Get caught by Otacon stimulating yourself

Spaghetti Cinema – 10

Meet Revolver

Steel Grip – 10

Attain grip level 3

Lights Out – 15

Defeat Olga Gurlukovich

Party’s Over – 15

Defeat Fatman

No-Fly Zone – 15

Destroy the AV-88 Harrier II

No Ray, José – 15

Defeat Metal Gear RAY

Another Snake Bites the Dust – 15

Defeat Solidus Snake

Vampire Slayer – 15

Defeat Vamp

Who Ya Gonna Call? – 20

Take a clear photograph of the ghost image in Hold No. 2

No Boss of Mine – 30

Complete Boss Survival

Tell Me a Tale – 30

Complete all Snake Tales

Great Dane – 80

Collect all dog tags

A Cut Above – 50

Beat the Tanker and Plant chapters on any difficulty

Virtually Impossible – 80

Complete all VR and Alternative missions

Young Gun – 10

Submit Ocelot

Pain Relief – 10

Defeat The Pain

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It – 10

Defeat The Fear

The End – 10

Defeat The End

Houston, We HAD a Problem – 10

Defeat The Fury

River of Pain – 10

Defeat The Sorrow

Shagadelic – 10

Defeat Shagohod

Grounded – 10

Defeat Volgin in a fist fight

The Patriot – 10

Defeat The Boss

Mama Said – 10

CQC Slam a guard and knock him out

Like He Just Doesn’t Care – 10

CQC Hold up an enemy

Close Shave – 10

CQC Slit an enemy’s throat

Snake Eyes – 10

See all of the first-person views that are not indicated by the RB button icon

Ralph Called – 10

Make Snake throw up

Can I Keep It? – 10

Capture any animal alive

Snake Eater – 10

Eat a snake of any type

A Good Man Is Hard to Find – 10

Achieve a camouflage index of 100%

Problem Solved, Series Over – 10

Create the Ocelot Time Paradox

Believe It or Not – 20

Catch a Tsuchinoko (mythical serpent)

Fashionista – 20

Find every type of camouflage

Only Skin Deep – 20

Find every type of face paint

The Early End – 20

Kill The End before the boss battle

King of the Jungle – 80

Obtain title of MARKHOR

It Ain’t Easy Being Green – 80

Find all 64 Kerotans

Like a Boss – 50

Finish the game on any difficulty


Finish game without killing anyone

MGS: Peace Walker:

Vic Boss – 50

Clear every achievement

MAIN OPS All Rank S – 30

Clear all MAIN OPS missions at Rank S

EXTRA OPS All Cleared – 20

Clear all EXTRA OPS missions.

EXTRA OPS All Rank A – 30

Clear all EXTRA OPS missions at Rank A or higher.

EXTRA OPS All Rank S – 50

Clear all EXTRA OPS missions at Rank S.

Big Boss – 50

Clear all MAIN OPS and EXTRA OPS missions at Rank S.

Fulton Recovery Veteran – 10

Reach 300 or more Fulton recoveries.

Hold-Up Artist – 10

Reach at least 100 hold-ups.

Lethal Enforcer – 10

Reach at least 100 kills.

Stun Specialist – 10

Reach at least 100 stun attacks.

Costume Collector – 30

Obtain every costume.

Special Staff Recruiter – 20

Assemble all special staff members.

Hideo Kojima – 10

Recruit Hideo Kojima.

Mech Catcher – 10

Capture a mech.

Paz’s Thoughts – 20

Read all of Paz’s diary.

Huey’s Thoughts – 10

Read Huey’s love letter.

Strangelove’s Thoughts – 10

Read all of Strangelove’s memoirs.

Monster Hunter – 20

Clear all hunting quests.

CQC Six Shot – 20

Perform CQC six times in a row.

Leap of Faith – 10

Perform a Leap of Faith and obtain the Assassin’s Straw Box.

I feel… safe – 10

Put on a cardboard box.

Indirect Attack – 10

Attack enemy soldiers by blowing up an oil drum or truck (single player only).

OUTER OPS Sortie – 10

Carry out a mission in OUTER OPS.

Elite Forces – 30

Clear “Capture the Enemy Base 06” in OUTER OPS using only soldiers.

Trader – 10

Carry out a trade.

Deliverer – 20

Exchange items back and forth with another player using Delivery.

Paz Mania – 20

Obtain Rank S on a date with Paz.

Kaz Mania – 20

Obtain Rank S on a date with Kaz.

That looks tasty! – 10

Nicely cook a ration.

VERSUS OPS All Rules – 10

Play using all of the rules in VERSUS OPS.

Divine Wind – 20

Collect a soldier using a divine wind.

19 Secret Achievements

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